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Time Trial Results

                                             May 2016 Time Trials

The temperature was about 50 degrees with heavy overcast, slight mist and breezy, it was decided to run only one heat as the group was small and the weather was threatening. Rich Snively, Zoran Prelie, John Cameron, John Reigel and Wyatt Stauffer did the Time Trial for the first time. Dave Stauffer had fast time at 19:51 followed by Zoran Prelie and Rich Shively who were only one second apart.

Wyatt Stauffer may have set a record as the youngest rider at twelve years old.

                                             June 2016 Time Trials

The weather was excellent, sunny, 80 degrees and light wind. First time riders were Jon Smoker,Jeff Schmitz and Arnold Offner. Nick DeAngelis had fast time at 16:44 followed by Jeff Schmitz and Albert Stauffer.

It would be great to have some women come out and compete for the women’s jersey we only had one lady rider at one event to date. It was good to see so many new riders at the first two events, hope they enjoyed it and come back for more.

Thanks to everyone for making this another safe and fun event. Next event is July 6th

                                        Jersey Standings following June event.

In the men’s 55 and under group Zoran Prelie is in the lead at 20:45 followed by Wyatt Stauffer at 23:02.

Men’s 56 and over is led by Rich Snively at 20:31 followed by Joe Kelley 20:49 and John Cameron 21:13.

Women’s group, no qualifiers yet but we had one rider at one event so that group is wide open.

To qualify for a best time jersey you have to ride two events so if you are interested you have to be at the July and August events!

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Bert Stauffer