Lancaster Bicycle Club Code of Conduct

As a Lancaster Bicycle Club (LBC) member I promise to practice good sportsmanship and conduct myself in a respectable manner at all cycling and non-cycling events where I am representing the LBC. “Representing the club” is considered to be anytime you are at an event where you are registered as an LBC member, and/or anytime you are wearing apparel that includes the name and/or logo of LBC. Inappropriate and unacceptable behavior includes but is not limited to:

1. Physical abuse to any person or property while riding or at any club event.

2. Use of foul language, making obscene gestures towards any person while riding or at any club event.

3. Malicious actions at an LBC event that endangers the well-being of others.

As an LBC member I will:

1. Abide by all relevant traffic regulations whether on individual or group rides.

2. Assist any rider having mechanical or physical difficulties on LBC rides where they are unable to continue to ride safely.

3. Select the appropriate ride pace for my ability on LBC rides and ride within the advertised pace or relinquish this responsibility by informing the ride leader that I intend to ride at a faster or slower pace and I understand this will separate me from the club ride.

LBC members must be conscious of their role as ambassadors to the non-cycling and recreational cycling communities. The LBC logo, such as on apparel, is an advertising vehicle for the club. Failure to abide by bicycling traffic laws, if observed by the public can be extremely detrimental to the club’s image. Disciplinary actions may result in the revocation of all membership perks and/or privileges. All members demonstrating a manifest unwillingness to meet this Code of Conduct will be subject to suspension of club privileges or their club membership.

Ride participants under the age of sixteen may participate on club rides only if accompanied throughout the event by a parent or guardian who is a member of the club.