Cue Sheets

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* denotes a scenic tours rides

Bird in Hand RestaurantARC First LoopCueGPX03/1838Rolling
Bird in Hand RestaurantARC Second LoopCue31Flat
Bird in Hand RestaurantARC Third LoopCue37Rolling
Bird in Hand RestaurantArtic ExpressCue31Rolling
Bird in Hand RestaurantBird in Hand LongCueGPX03/1820Rolling
Bird in Hand RestaurantBird in Hand Restaurant RideCue15Rolling
Bird in Hand RestaurantBird in Hand ShortCue11Flat
Bird in Hand RestaurantRobin Hoods RetreatCue57Very Hilly
Bird in Hand RestaurantTwo in the Bush TourCueGPX05/1818Flat
Bonfield Elementary SchoolCornwall Furnace RideCueGPX05/1744Hilly
Bonfield Elementary SchoolGretna GrinderCue47Hilly
Bonfield Elementary SchoolLancaster County JauntCue32Very Hilly
Bonfield Elementary SchoolMiddle Creek RideCue32Hilly
Bonfield Elementary SchoolMoonlight RideCue13Rolling
Bonfield Elementary SchoolReamstown RunCueGPX04/1834Rolling
Bonfield Elementary SchoolScenic Brunnerville RideCue15Rolling
Brownstown CTCBowmansville Shirk's RideCueGPX04/1743Hilly
Brownstown CTCBrownstown / Akron / Farmersville LongCueGPX07/1824Flat
Brownstown CTCBrownstown LongCueGPX06/1725Hilly
Brownstown CTCBrownstown ShortCue11Rolling
Brownstown CTCEastern Lancaster Co 1/2 CenturyCueGPX09/1751Hilly
Brownstown CTCEphrata Area RideCueGPX09/1818Hilly
Brownstown CTCEphrata RambleCue22Very Hilly
Brownstown CTCLancaster County CenturyCue100Hilly
Brownstown CTCMartindale 1/4 CenturyCueGPX24Rolling
Brownstown CTCMt. Airy RideCueGPX03/1844Rolling
Brownstown CTCMuddy Creek RideCue26Hilly
Brownstown CTCQuarryville 1/2 CenturyCue52Hilly
Brownstown CTCReading Pagoda RideCueGPX10/1763Very Hilly
Brownstown CTCRide to New HollandCue47Rolling
Brownstown CTCRide to SchaefferstownCue50Hilly
Brownstown CTCRidge Avenue RideCue24Hilly
Brownstown CTCYodel to OleyCue87Very Hilly
Calvary ChurchAlt. Tuesday Fitness Ride (Even Days, Green Route)Cue26Rolling
Calvary ChurchAlt. Tuesday Fitness Ride (Odd Days, Pink Route)Cue25Rolling
Calvary ChurchThursday Evening SpecialCue26Rolling
Calvary ChurchTuesday Fitness Ride (Even Days, Green Route)Cue26Rolling
Calvary ChurchTuesday Fitness Ride (Odd Days, Pink Route)Cue25Rolling
Cocalico Middle SchoolCocalico Lebanon VA RideCue58Rolling
Cocalico Middle SchoolCocalico Middle CreekCueGPX05/1831Rolling
Conestoga Valley High SchoolAlmost IntercourseCue8Rolling
Conestoga Valley High SchoolBart Fire Co. Breakfast RideCue33Hilly
Conestoga Valley High SchoolBigger Lititz LoopCueGPX02/1725Rolling
Conestoga Valley High SchoolBoisterous Cloister ClompCueGPX04/1732Rolling
Conestoga Valley High SchoolBuena Vista LongCueGPX02/1740Rolling
Conestoga Valley High SchoolBuena Vista ShortCueGPX03/1720Rolling
Conestoga Valley High SchoolCains QuestCueGPX06/1740Rolling
Conestoga Valley High SchoolChristiana 3CCueGPX06/1741Rolling
Conestoga Valley High SchoolCVHS Churchtown (AC)Cue38Rolling
Conestoga Valley High SchoolCVHS Churchtown (ACS)Cue17Rolling
Conestoga Valley High SchoolCVHS Churchtown 2Cue46Rolling
Conestoga Valley High SchoolCV Morgantown RideCueGPX04/1853Hilly
Conestoga Valley High SchoolCVHS New Holland AirportCue37Rolling
Conestoga Valley High SchoolCV New Holland Airport 3CueGPX04/1843Flat
Conestoga Valley High SchoolCVHS StrasburgCueGPX04/1836Rolling
Conestoga Valley High SchoolDark Side of the MoonCueGPX10/1750Hilly
Conestoga Valley High SchoolFarmersville FrolicCueGPX04/1827Rolling
Conestoga Valley High SchoolFarmersville HinkletownCue38Rolling
Conestoga Valley High School15 Mile RideCue15Rolling
Conestoga Valley High SchoolGauge Your FitnessCue36Hilly
Conestoga Valley High SchoolHead for the HillsCueGPX03/1756Hilly
Conestoga Valley High SchoolLancaster Beer and Wine GalleryCueGPX03/1716Flat
Conestoga Valley High SchoolLittle One Room School HouseCue17Rolling
Conestoga Valley High SchoolLimeville TrekCueGPX07/1841Rolling
Conestoga Valley High SchoolNew Holland (Long)CueGPX02/1725Rolling
Conestoga Valley High SchoolNew Holland (Short)Cue12Rolling
Conestoga Valley High SchoolShort Ride to IntercourseCueGPX08/1720Flat
Conestoga Valley High SchoolSpring Garden (Hilly)Cue32Hilly
Conestoga Valley High SchoolSpring Garden (Long)Cue31Rolling
Conestoga Valley High SchoolSpring Garden (Short)Cue13Rolling
Conestoga Valley High SchoolStrasburg (Long)Cue25Rolling
Conestoga Valley High SchoolStrasburg (Short)Cue12Rolling
Conestoga Valley High SchoolSusquehannock State ParkCue56Very Hilly
Conestoga Valley High SchoolThe P&PRAEWMF RideCue34Hilly
Conestoga Valley High SchoolThrottles & BottlesCue43Hilly
Conestoga Valley High SchoolWastelandCueGPX08/1843Rolling
Donegal High SchoolDonegal DelightCueGPX04/1828Rolling
Donegal High SchoolDonegal Loop RideCue18Rolling
Donegal High SchoolNissley Vineyard RideCueGPX08/1830Rolling
Donegal High SchoolPedal to Preserve (Long)CueGPX07/1841Rolling
Donegal High SchoolPedal to Preserve (Short)Cue20Rolling
East Petersburg ElementaryBack Run RambleCueGPX04/1834Rolling
East Petersburg ElementaryBC ClassicCueGPX05/1848Rolling
East Petersburg ElementaryCentral ManorCue33Hilly
East Petersburg ElementaryChickies Creek (Long)Cue22Flat
East Petersburg ElementaryChickies Creek (Short)Cue12Flat
East Petersburg ElementaryEast Pete to the AirportCue11Flat
East Petersburg ElementaryEast Pete TreatCueGPX02/1716Flat
East Petersburg ElementaryEast Pete WestCue16Flat
East Petersburg ElementaryFlat 30CueGPX04/1832Flat
East Petersburg ElementaryHammer CreekCueGPX09/1842Rolling
East Petersburg ElementaryHammer Creek (Short)CueGPX08/1721Flat
East Petersburg ElementaryLandisville Casual RideCueGPX12/1621Rolling
East Petersburg ElementaryLandisville Ride (Short)Cue12Flat
East Petersburg ElementaryManheim MadnessCue32Hilly
East Petersburg ElementaryMarietta 2Cue37Rolling
East Petersburg ElementaryMeadow ViewCue32Rolling
East Petersburg ElementaryMt PleasantCue34Rolling
East Petersburg ElementaryNew East Pete to ETownCueGPX09/1846Rolling
East Petersburg ElementaryNew Witness Tree TrekCueGPX04/1733Flat
East Petersburg ElementaryPaul's Heart RideCue44Rolling
East Petersburg ElementaryPenn RunCue33Rolling
East Petersburg ElementaryRapho RambleCue30Rolling
East Petersburg ElementaryRide to Manheim (Long)CueGPX04/1824Flat
East Petersburg ElementaryTour de MariettaCueGPX02/1738Rolling
East Petersburg ElementaryTurnpike Tour 2CueGPX09/1844Rolling
Elizabethtown High SchoolEtown Middlecreek EtownCue55Rolling
Elizabethtown High SchoolEtown Mount JoyCue25Rolling
Ephrata Cloister Museum*Ephrata Loop RideCue13Flat
Ephrata Cloister Museum*Kitchen Kettle RideCue41Rolling
Ephrata Cloister Museum*Oregon Dairy Ice Cream RideCue27Flat
Ephrata Cloister Museum*Scenic Tour Heritage RideCue59Rolling
Ephrata Cloister Shopping CtrBirdsboro RideCue57Very Hilly
Ephrata Cloister Shopping CtrEphrata Terre Hill RideCue29Hilly
Ephrata Cloister Shopping CtrHaunstown RideCueGPX02/1727Very Hilly
Ephrata Cloister Shopping CtrMiddle Creek / South Mountain RideCue38Very Hilly
Ephrata Cloister Shopping CtrPam Tronser's Goat and Bull RideCueGPX05/1816Flat
Ephrata Cloister Shopping CtrReuben's ChallengeCueGPX05/1842Mountanous
Ephrata Cloister Shopping CtrStrausstown RideCue61Hilly
Ephrata Cloister Shopping CtrZerbe Sisters RideCue01/1746Very Hilly
Ephrata High SchoolCloister Garden RunCueGPX12/1614Rolling
Ephrata High SchoolEphrata - Lititz - Brunnerville RideCueGPX01/1722Hilly
Ephrata High SchoolEphrata LoopCueGPX12/1645Hilly
Ephrata High SchoolEphrata MeanderCueGPX12/1639Rolling
Garden Spot High SchoolBird in Hand Sticky Bun Mania (Short)CueGPX04/1821Flat
Garden Spot High SchoolBird in Hand Sticky Bun RideCueGPX03/1824Flat
Garden Spot High SchoolCowsCueGPX07/1830Rolling
Garden Spot High SchoolGarden Spot (Long)CueGPX02/1720Hilly
Garden Spot High SchoolGarden Spot (Short)CueGPX01/1710Rolling
Garden Spot High SchoolGet a Life LamentCueGPX02/1738Very Hilly
Garden Spot High SchoolMarsh Creek RideCueGPX03/1765Hilly
Garden Spot High SchoolNursery RideCueGPX08/1822Flat
Garden Spot High SchoolPretzel Logic RideCueGPX09/1822Flat
Garden Spot High SchoolTour de Upper Conestoga ValleyCue36Hilly
HACCIce Cream Lover's Ride HACC'dCueGPX07/1840Rolling
Hempfield Sports ComplexLMS Series 1Cue23Rolling
Hempfield Sports ComplexHSC Training RideCue30Rolling
Hempfield Sports ComplexTom's Special Chiques Creek TourCue20Rolling
Hempfield Sports ComplexTuesday Evening Training RideCue26Flat
Hennigans_RestaurantD-Signed for LunchCue18Rolling
Hennigans_RestaurantShwing RideCueGPX08/1820Rolling
Ice Cream RidesA Friendly Ice Cream RideCue11Flat
Ice Cream RidesAmish Ice Cream RideCue9Rolling
Ice Cream RidesAmish Ice Cream Ride 2Cue11Flat
Ice Cream RidesArctic Express Sundae RideCue16Rolling
Ice Cream RidesBaskin Robbins Horseshoe RideCue11Rolling
Ice Cream RidesBird in Hand Ice Cream RideCue12Rolling
Ice Cream RidesColeman Ice Cream RideCue12Rolling
Ice Cream RidesEmily's Ice Cream RideCueGPX05/189Flat
Ice Cream RidesFreeze & FrizzCue11Rolling
Ice Cream RidesFriendly's Sundae RideCue21Flat
Ice Cream RidesHannah's RideCue10Flat
Ice Cream RidesIce Cream in the PantryCue11Rolling
Ice Cream Rides*Ice Cream Lovers RideCueGPX02/1743Rolling
Ice Cream RidesIce Cream Topped with LititzCue9Flat
Ice Cream RidesLapp's Farm Ice Cream RideCue38Rolling
Ice Cream RidesLapp Valley Farm RideCueGPX07/1719Flat
Ice Cream RidesNice Creamery RideCue11Rolling
Ice Cream RidesOregon Dairy SpecialCue10Flat
Ice Cream RidesRita's Ice Cream RideCue13Flat
Ice Cream RidesRitas Reward Ice Cream RideCue10Flat
Ice Cream RidesSons or Bust Ice Cream RideCue11Flat
Ice Cream RidesThe Milk House RideCueGPX04/1810Flat
Ice Cream RidesThe Udder Choice_Ice Cream RideCue17Rolling
Ice Cream RidesTwo Scoops in LititzCue11Flat
Ice Cream RidesUdder Choice Sundae RideCue20Rolling
Ice Cream RidesWilburs Sundae BestCue29Rolling
Kitchen Kettle VillageBetsy's Sunday SpinCue17Flat
Kitchen Kettle VillageIntercourse Long LoopCue21Flat
Kitchen Kettle VillageMid-Morning Intercourse RideCue22Flat
Kitchen Kettle VillageUp & Down IntercourseCue14Flat
Lampeter Strasturg High SchoolCreeks and HillsCueGPX08/1846Hilly
Lampeter Strasturg High SchoolHans Herr Nifty 50CueGPX10/1750Rolling
Lampeter Strasturg High SchoolHans Herr Shifty 50CueGPX06/1850Rolling
Lampeter Strasturg High SchoolHistoric Strasburg RideCue16Rolling
Lampeter Strasturg High SchoolLampeter Strasburg Refton RideCue26Hilly
Lampeter Strasturg High SchoolLegend of Scalpy Hollow RideCue48Mountanous
Lampeter Strasturg High SchoolOctoraro Reservior RideCue51Hilly
Lampeter Strasturg High SchoolRide Through StrasburgCue25Rolling
Lampeter Strasturg High SchoolWitness RideCue37Rolling
Lancaster Catholic High SchoolAirport RideCueGPX03/1815Flat
Lancaster Catholic High SchoolAnother D-Lightful RideCueGPX08/1819Flat
Lancaster Catholic High SchoolBareville JauntCueGPX03/1826Rolling
Lancaster Catholic High SchoolBrownstown-Akron-MillportCueGPX04/1833Hilly
Lancaster Catholic High SchoolButter Side DownCueGPX03/1823Rolling
Lancaster Catholic High SchoolButter Side UpCueGPX03/1823Rolling
Lancaster Catholic High SchoolD-Sign for Shifting GearsCueGPX03/1815Rolling
Lancaster Catholic High SchoolFarmland MeanderCueGPX04/1830Flat
Lancaster Catholic High SchoolFinaleCueGPX03/1811Rolling
Lancaster Catholic High SchoolFurniss RideCueGPX02/1751Very Hilly
Lancaster Catholic High SchoolKissel Hill RideCueGPX04/1824Flat
Lancaster Catholic High SchoolLandis Valley RideCueGPX03/1818Rolling
Lancaster Catholic High SchoolLeola Fire Co Beakfast RideCueGPX07/1819Rolling
Lancaster Catholic High SchoolLog Cabin Covered BridgeCueGPX03/1822Rolling
Lancaster Catholic High SchoolManheim Auction LoopCueGPX03/1844Rolling
Lancaster Catholic High SchoolMuggles MeanderCueGPX04/1822Flat
Lancaster Catholic High SchoolNew Holland ReserviorCueGPX05/1839Rolling
Lancaster Catholic High SchoolNew Holland RideCueGPX03/1831Rolling
Lancaster Catholic High SchoolNorthwest CenturyCue102Hilly
Lancaster Catholic High SchoolPinetown Covered BridgeCueGPX03/1815Rolling
Lancaster Catholic High SchoolQuarryville QuestCueGPX06/1840Hilly
Lancaster Catholic High SchoolRoots Auction RideCueGPX04/1826Flat
Lancaster Catholic High SchoolRoots Market & ReturnCueGPX05/1833Flat
Lancaster Catholic High SchoolTerre HillCueGPX03/1843Rolling
Lancaster Catholic High SchoolTour of the Amish CountryCueGPX04/1842Rolling
Landis Valley Farm MuseumChimney Corners Restaurant RideCue20Rolling
Landis Valley Farm Museum*Covered Bridge RideCue12Rolling
Landis Valley Farm MuseumDown on the FarmCueGPX02/1721Flat
Landis Valley Farm Museum*Ephrata Cloister RideCueGPX04/1836Rolling
Landis Valley Farm MuseumEphrata Dutch LongCueGPX12/1639Hilly
Landis Valley Farm MuseumEphrata Dutch ShortCueGPX07/1725Hilly
Landis Valley Farm MuseumFarmersville Short RideCueGPX04/1820Rolling
Landis Valley Farm MuseumGalen HallCueGPX06/1745Hilly
Landis Valley Farm MuseumGreen DragonCue34Hilly
Landis Valley Farm MuseumHarvest RideCueGPX08/1853Hilly
Landis Valley Farm MuseumHershey RideCue73Hilly
Landis Valley Farm MuseumHistoric Lancaster City TourCue21Rolling
Landis Valley Farm MuseumHistoric LititzCue27Rolling
Landis Valley Farm MuseumHistoric StrasburgCue28Rolling
Landis Valley Farm Museum*Ice Cream Lovers RideCueGPX02/1743Rolling
Landis Valley Farm Museum*Lititz Chocolate RideCue24Rolling
Landis Valley Farm Museum*Lititz Ice Cream RideCue19Rolling
Landis Valley Farm MuseumLoop Bike RouteCue37Rolling
Landis Valley Farm MuseumManheim MeanderCue61Rolling
Landis Valley Farm MuseumMuffler RideCue65Very Hilly
Landis Valley Farm MuseumNot D-Manding RideCue15Flat
Landis Valley Farm MuseumPennsylvania Dutch TourCue65Rolling
Landis Valley Farm MuseumPenryn PromenadeCueGPX10/1834Rolling
Landis Valley Farm MuseumPinetown Covered BridgeCue9Rolling
Landis Valley Farm MuseumRapturous RideCueGPX20Flat
Landis Valley Farm MuseumRide to StrasburgCue39Hilly
Landis Valley Farm Museum*Scenic Tours Heritage Ride (Landis Valley Start)Cue59Rolling
Landis Valley Farm Museum*A Short 2 Covered Bridges RideCue12Rolling
Landis Valley Farm MuseumStrasburg HillyCueGPX08/1846Hilly
Landis Valley Farm MuseumSuburban Urban AssaultCue45Hilly
Landis Valley Farm MuseumThursday Evening SpecialCue26Rolling
Landis Valley Farm MuseumWarwick Breakfast RideCueGPX05/1831Rolling
Landis Valley Farm MuseumZinn's Diner RideCue41Hilly
Landisville Middle School4 BridgesCueGPX07/1825Rolling
Landisville Middle SchoolBossler Blast EastCue38Rolling
Landisville Middle SchoolBossler BlastCue38Rolling
Landisville Middle SchoolChicken Barn RideCue41Rolling
Landisville Middle SchoolChickies Hill OverlookCue28Very Hilly
Landisville Middle SchoolDrager DragCueGPX07/1832Rolling
Landisville Middle SchoolFairview FrolicCue36Rolling
Landisville Middle SchoolLMS Series 1 GPS CertifiedCue24Rolling
Landisville Middle SchoolLMS Series 2CueGPX08/1826Rolling
Landisville Middle SchoolLMS Series 7Cue25Hilly
Landisville Middle SchoolMasonic Home Tour ACCue43Rolling
Landisville Middle SchoolMasonic Home Tour ACSCue19Rolling
Landisville Middle SchoolMaytown Airport FlybyCueGPX05/1724Rolling
Landisville Middle SchoolRide to BainbridgeCue36Rolling
Landisville Middle SchoolStackstown SpinCue36Rolling
Landisville Middle SchoolThursday Evening Fitness Ride (Even)Cue23Rolling
Landisville Middle SchoolThursday Evening Fitness Ride (Even)Cue25Rolling
Landisville Middle SchoolThursday Evening Fitness Ride (Odd)Cue24Rolling
Landisville Middle SchoolThursday Evening Fitness Ride (Odd)Cue26Rolling
Landisville Middle SchoolToll Gate TourCue36Rolling
Landisville Middle SchoolTour de MiddletownCueGPX06/1856Rolling
Leola Community ParkGreenhouse RideCueGPX03/1721Flat
Leola Community ParkLeola Leisurely LumberCue14Rolling
Leola Community ParkLeola Park Promenade Short & MediumCue17/20Flat
Leola Community ParkLeola Park PromenadeCueGPX05/1827Flat
Leola Community ParkLeola Picnic Ride #1Cue33Rolling
Leola Community ParkLeola Picnic Ride #2Cue29Rolling
Lititz Springs Park*Brickerville RambleCue28Rolling
Lititz Springs Park*Cornwall Furnace RideCue45Very Hilly
Lititz Springs Park*Long Lititz LoopCue30Rolling
Lititz Springs Park*Millport Conservancy RideCue11Flat
Lititz Springs Park*Scenic_Overlook_RideCueGPX09/1819Rolling
Lititz Springs Park*Scenic Tours Heritage Ride (Lititz Springs Start)Cue59Rolling
Lititz Springs Park*Short Lititz LoopCue22Rolling
Lititz Springs Park*Udder Choice Ice Cream RideCue25Rolling
Manheim Athletic ComplexZig's Bakery RideCue30Rolling
Manheim Athletic ComplexZig's Lunch Ride (Short)CueGPX21Flat
Manheim Central High SchoolBull Moose RideCue50Rolling
Manheim Central High SchoolDonegal Springs RideCue50Rolling
Manheim Central High SchoolGranny to GretnaCue33Hilly
Manheim Central High SchoolMountain Road ShortCueGPX17Rolling
Manheim Central High SchoolMountain RoadCue01/1724Hilly
Manheim Central High SchoolNorthern ExposureCue35Hilly
Manheim Central High SchoolOver the Hills and Far AwayCue49Rolling
Manheim Central High SchoolRidge RiderCue33Hilly
Manheim Central High SchoolRisser Mill ShortCue14Flat
Manheim Central High SchoolRisser MillCue30Hilly
Manheim Central High SchoolSunnyside DownCue32Rolling
Manheim Central High SchoolTriple PlayCue36Hilly
Manheim Central High SchoolTurnpike TourCue39Rolling
Manheim Central High SchoolWaltz VineyardCueGPX04/1712Hilly
Manheim Central High SchoolZinns Diner ClimberCue61Hilly
Manheim Township Community ParkAdvanced Picnic RideCue40Rolling
Manheim Township Community ParkCasual Picnic RideCue20Flat
Manheim Township Community ParkIntermediate Picnic RideCue29Flat
Manheim Township Community ParkWii RideCueGPX05/1719Flat
Manheim Township High SchoolAirport Road RideCue11Flat
Manor Middle SchoolAround the River SouthCue65Very Hilly
Manor Middle SchoolClimbers DespairCue85Mountanous
Manor Middle SchoolCodorus Furnace BlastCue66Hilly
Manor Middle SchoolConestoga CassetteCueGPX05/1830Very Hilly
Manor Middle SchoolDruck Valley SalleyCueGPX09/1846Very Hilly
Manor Middle SchoolFall Into The GapCue71Hilly
Manor Middle SchoolFlatlanders 4th of July FavoriteCueGPX04/1846Rolling
Manor Middle SchoolFultons FollyCue68Very Hilly
Manor Middle SchoolLabor Day LamentCue30Very Hilly
Manor Middle SchoolManor MeanderCueGPX08/1832Hilly
Manor Middle SchoolMason Dixon RideCue71Very Hilly
Manor Middle SchoolMemorial Day MeanderCueGPX05/1834Hilly
Manor Middle SchoolMorning Dove RideCue14Rolling
Manor Middle SchoolMount Joy JauntCueGPX04/1842Hilly
Manor Middle SchoolNowhere in ParticularCue50Mountanous
Manor Middle SchoolRed Rose PedalCue17Rolling
Manor Middle SchoolSafe Harbor RideCueGPX08/1835Very Hilly
Manor Middle SchoolSam Lewis State Park RideCue31Hilly
Manor Middle SchoolSilver Springs RideCue30Hilly
Manor Middle SchoolStraight South to SusquehannockCue56Mountanous
Manor Middle SchoolThrottles & BottlesCue49Hilly
Manor Middle SchoolTick Tock TrekCueGPX04/1823Rolling
Manor Middle SchoolTour of HighvilleCue32Very Hilly
Manor Middle SchoolUndiscovered Amish RideCue90Very Hilly
Manor Middle SchoolVintage VeloCueGPX04/1833Very Hilly
Manor Middle SchoolWelsh CenturyCue102Hilly
Mt Joy CTCCounty LineCue28Hilly
Mt Joy CTCDetour Thru DeodateCue42Hilly
Mt Joy CTCHorse Mill JauntCue26Hilly
Muddy Run ParkConowingo ClimberCue43Very Hilly
New Holland Shopping CtrAround New Holland Lickly SplitCue19Rolling
New Holland Shopping CtrAround New Holland with loopCue14Flat
New Holland Shopping CtrMill Creek Valley RideCue12Flat
New Holland Shopping CtrTerre Hill TrotCue23Rolling
Out of Area RidesBrown Cow Ride (Wellspan Shrewsbury)Cue48Very Hilly
Out of Area RidesHoney Valley Ride (Wellspan Shrewsbury)Cue50Very Hilly
Out of Area RidesMt. Gretna ClassicCue31Rolling
Out of Area RidesPughtown Ride (Twin Valley High School)Cue37Very Hilly
Out of Area RidesRide Around Glen Rock (Wellspan Shrewsbury)Cue29Hilly
Out of Area RidesShrewsbury Ride (Wellspan Shrewsbury)Cue31Hilly
Out of Area RidesYork Orchard Vinyard Tour (Wellspan Shrewsbury)Cue40Very Hilly
Riverview Elementary SchoolMaytown Circle RideCue23Rolling
Riverview Elementary SchoolNissley Winery TourCue32Hilly
Riverview Elementary SchoolRollicking in the Northwest CornerCue32Hilly
Silver Spring Shopping CtrSilver Spring Salunga RideCueGPX04/1720Flat
Solanco High SchoolBartville Octorara RideCue35Hilly
Solanco High SchoolChestnut LevelCue18Hilly
Solanco High SchoolNew Providence Tanglewood RideCue24Hilly
Solanco High SchoolQuarryville Breakfast RideCue15Rolling
Solanco High SchoolTanglewood AreaCue11Rolling
Strasburg Railroad Museum*A Climbers Delight RideCue31Very Hilly
Strasburg Railroad Museum*Back Country RambleCue26Hilly
Strasburg Railroad Museum*Countryside DelightCue29Rolling
Strasburg Railroad Museum*Hunsecker Covered Bridge RideCue37Rolling
Strasburg Railroad Museum*Intercourse Quickie RideCue19Flat
Strasburg Railroad Museum*Lapps Ice Cream RideCue29Rolling
Strasburg Railroad Museum*Scenic Tours Heritage Ride StrasburgCue59Rolling
Strasburg Railroad Museum*Witness RideCue36Rolling
Warwick High School3 Lakes LoopCueGPX08/1740Hilly
Warwick High School897 SchussCue99Rolling
Warwick High SchoolGiro 'd EarlCue32Rolling
Warwick High SchoolMaidens DelightCue13Rolling
Warwick High SchoolManheim Mt. Pleasant RideCue46Rolling
Warwick High SchoolPenryn Pancake PushCue14Flat
Warwick High SchoolSpeedwell Forge ReposeCueGPX08/1824Rolling
Warwick High SchoolSpeedwell ForgeCue39Hilly
Warwick High SchoolSundae Evening SocialCueGPX03/1819Flat
Warwick High SchoolWarriors RevengeCueGPX04/1833Rolling
Warwick High SchoolWarwick Maxi RambleCue31Hilly
Warwick High SchoolWarwick Mini RambleCue15Rolling
Warwick High SchoolWarwick Speedwell ForgeCueGPX03/1724Rolling
Warwick High SchoolWarwick Speedwell Forge ReverseCueGPX07/1722Rolling
Warwick High SchoolWarwick TourCue37Rolling
Watch Museum*A Timely Short RideCue20Hilly
Whispers RestaurantWhispers and ReturnCue29Rolling
Woods Edge Shopping CtrAdopt a HighwayCue14Rolling
Woods Edge Shopping CtrCruise to ColumbiaCue28Rolling
Woods Edge Shopping CtrPenn Manor PanoramaCueCue10/1722Rolling
Woods Edge Shopping CtrTurkey Hill TrotCue24Hilly

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