Lancaster Bicycle Club Goals and Objectives

Mission and Purpose –  Promote recreational bicycling in Lancaster County for all interested cyclists.


  1. Provide recreational bicycling activities and rides for cyclists and their families.
  2. Encourage cycling as a life long activity for individual health and happiness.
  3. Sponsor social opportunities for cyclists to share experiences and fellowship.
  4. Promote safe riding conditions in Lancaster County.
  5. Advocate for bicycling through education, communication and participation in advocacy organizations.
  6. Support club activities and interests through collective funding and program sponsorship.

Objectives and Regular Programs

The club will continue its array of programs and activities that support the goals and mission above:

  1. Conduct the annual Lancaster Covered Bridge Classic Event (LCBC). (Goals #1, 2 & 6)
  2. Continue the Tour de Red Rose Cycling Event (TdRR). (Goals #1, 2  & 3)
  3. Provide regular bicycling opportunities. (Goals #1 &  2)
    1. Regular weekly rides programs
    2. Outside the Area Rides – All skill levels except novice
    3. Encourage impromptu initiatives
    4. Consider “ambassador” program for new members
  4. Provide/share routes. (Goal #1)
    1. Cue sheet database for members
    2. Scenic Tours on main page
  5. Socialize with friends from the club. (Goals # 1 & 3)
    1. Club Membership Events
      1. Annual Meeting
      2. Holiday Party
      3. Annual Picnic
    2. Combination ride/social events (such as, but not limited to the seasonal “Flings”)
    3. Social Events (such as, but not limited to the Nissley outing)
  6. Communicate with Members. (Goals #1-6)
    1. Publish Pedaler  – 10 issues  per year
    2. Support and monitor Google group messaging system
  7. Maintain Financial Support for the Club. ( Goal #6)
    1. Annual Membership Dues
    2. Pedaler Advertising
    3. LCBC
  8. Continue Linkage with the Community. (Goals #4 & 5)
    1. Annual Community Grant Program
    2. Covered Bridge Initiatives in Lancaster County
    3. Education and Advocacy
      1. Membership in BAC and LAB
      2. Member support for Traffic Skills Education Course
    4. LCBC Liaisons and Donations
    5. Lancaster County Bicycle Shops
    6. Maintain LBC Bicycling Position Support Statements

LBC Board of Directors, September 2012