Ride Leaders

One of the great things about leading a ride is that you get to choose the route, the pace, and the rest stops. You get to show people your favorite routes, your favorite hills, your favorite vistas and points of interest. By leading a ride, you have the opportunity to share safe bicycling habits and to foster cycling in our community. By leading a safe and fun ride, you become an ambassador for the great sport of cycling. LBC rides are enjoyable, in part, because we encourage all ride leaders to abide by the Ride Leader Guide. Please use this LBC Ride Leader Checklist as a guide for what you should be doing as a ride leader to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for your ride

New LBC Ride Hero Leader and Sweep Award Program

At the heart and soul of the Lancaster Bicycle Club is the variety of rides led by our members. To encourage LBC members to lead and/or sweep rides, the Club offers the following award program:

  • The Leader/Sweep program is now combined into a Ride Hero award Program.
  • The award program is now combined and cumulative.
  • LBC members who lead or sweep a combined ten (10)  rides  will receive a Leader Award (i.e. a custom designed jersey or jacket) in addition to a complimentary one (1) year club membership.
  • Members will receive the Ride Hero award for each 10 leader/sweep events, and will be notified when they have reached the award level to submit their sizes.
  • Awards will be given out at the All Club Rides quarterly and their names will be recognized in the Pedaler.
  • Each Leader/Sweep award earned will also be entered into drawings for gift certificates at our Picnic and Annual Meeting.
  • All rides scheduled in the Pedaler with a leader and led (or cancelled for weather issues) will count.
  • All impromptu rides posted on Meetup with four (4) or more riders will count.
  • Show & Go rides will not count toward the Ride Hero awards.
  • In order for a leader/sweep to get credit for a ride, a signed ride liability waiver must be submitted to the address on the form.
  • For additional information on leading and /or sweeping a ride please refer to LBC’s Ride Leader Guide.

Sample of an Awards Jersey

Ride Hero