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Tour de Red Rose Punch Cards

All TdRR riders – please turn in your cards this weekend to the punchers.  We will then tabulate results and post the awards for your hard riding this month.  Thank you all for participating in the LBC 2017 TdRR!

If you are unable to attend this weekends rides, please send your card with a friend or make arrangements to get it to me.

Prizes will be awarded at the ‘summer’ picnic Sunday October 1 at Lititz Springs Park.

Ken Juengling
TdRR Director

2017 TdRR

It is time to start planning for the 2017 TdRR. Greg did such a great job last year and it inspired me to lead the effort for 2017. What I am thinking is: “if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it”; so, what I’d like to do is continue the format for the offering (variety of rides with morning and after work rides) along with prizes for different levels of achievement.

For this to happen we will need to have involvement from club members to make sure rides are organized, cards are punched, and stats are gathered. What I am looking for are members who are interested in helping with the event.

I realize that time it at a premium, so the format for participating in the planning committee will be a combination of asynchronous virtual meetings (through email, etc.) and a few in-person gathering s for those who are able to meet.

My hope is to reward those who are able to participate with prizes regardless of whether they are able to ride the rides.

If you…

  • Are interested in participating in the planning of the event
  • Are interested in the Tour de France
  • Have participated in the TDRR
  • Like to help out

Then please email me at  by Tuesday, February 28 th to indicate some level of interest. We can work out very minor involvement to as much as you would like.

Thank you for consideration,

Ken Juengling, TDRR Director

Annual Picnic and TdRR Awards Ceremony

When: Sunday Sept 25
Where: Lititz Springs Park
Time: Pre-lunch Rides. See the Ride Schedule for start times and routes.
12:15 pm – Lunch
1:30 pm – Awards Ceremony

Event is FREE to all members.  Please join us for Great FOOD and FELLOWSHIP and your chance TO HONOR the 93 VERY HEARTY riders who completed the 2016 Tour de Red Rose.  We hope THEY will ALL come to receive their WELL DESERVED prizes.

Please RSVP to Jeannette Fitzgerald by September 17th.  $20.00 per person payable to LBC for Non-members, cancellations after September 17th, and no shows.

New this year: GWTIC  (Guess who this is contest)

Did you know LBC has been around since 1973?!

What did YOU look like in that year?  Send me a  picture of you then, (i.e.43 years ago or close)  and I’ll post them at the picnic, sans names, for some fun!

For those of you under 43 NOW, how about a picture from 0-5 years old. Write your name and mailing address on the BACK so only I know who you are and can return it to you.

Send your glamour (!?) photos to Judy Kodak Colton: 231 New Haven Dr, Lititz, PA 17543.