2017 TdRR

Thank you to all of the TdRR volunteers!  There are so many things we can do with our time – all for a good cause – and I want to express my sincere thanks for all that you have done, are doing, and will do to make the LBC TdRR 2017 a success in 2017.
For those of you riding in this fun event, please “thank a volunteer” if you have the opportunity!
Apologies in advance if I leave out a name or two (I’m almost guaranteed to do so), but I want to identify the following who are committing their time and energy for all of our riding pleasure:
Sylvia Newcomer
Chris and Richard Dubin
Carol Weisser
Dave Stauffer
Rick Bard
John Cardos
Justin Townsend
Mick Zink
Sue Brooks
Judy Wells
John Herr
Josh Wells
Kathi Markley
Rick Zook
Jeremy Bischoff
all of the excellent sweeps and puncher/backups, pre-riders, route correctors, Ed and Will, John, Leslie, the entire LBC Board for supporting the event
Ken Juengling – TdRR Director

TdRR Prizes & Ride Card Turn In

All TdRR riders – please turn in your cards this weekend to the punchers.  We will then tabulate results and post the awards for your hard riding this month.  Thank you all for participating in the LBC 2017 TdRR!

If you are unable to attend this weekends rides, please send your card with a friend or make arrangements to get it to me.

Prizes will be awarded at the ‘summer’ picnic Sunday October 1 at Lititz Springs Park.

Ken Juengling
TdRR Director