TdRR Information

The Tour de Red Rose was started in 2007 as a tip of the cap to the Tour de France. The Tour de Red Rose consists of both weeknight and weekend rides. During the week participants will ride in one 19-24 mile course. Each weeknight ride will start at a different location throughout the county. There is a 30-minute window at each start time.

Because many people work during the week, the TdRR has a rolling start time of 5:45 p.m. to 6:15 p.m. This gives participants a chance to make each start time and have it count toward their total rides at the completion of the tour.  New for 2016 was an option to ride in the morning (8 am start).

Unlike the Tour de France, the TdRR is not race. Participants are not timed and no one will receive the famous yellow jersey.

Instead, participants receive a card at the beginning of each ride. This card will be punched before the start signifying that the rider has participated. We rely on the honor system when it comes to whether the course was completed or not.

In order to participate in the Tour de Red Rose you must be a member of the Lancaster Bike Club.  This event is free for all Lancaster Bicycle Club members.

TdRR Directors

2017 – Present: Ken Juengling
2015 – 2016: Greg de Vitry
2011 – 2014: Jeff Elliot
? – 2010 Amy Jo Mitchell
2007 – ? Greg Mayfield