Weather ‘Rules’

Inclement weather policy: For weekday rides, the TdRR Director & Committee will make every effort to make the weather call by 7:30am for the morning ride and 4:30pm for the evening ride. The call will be announced via Google Groups and MeetUp. PLEASE be sure to subscribe to Google Groups and check it regularly. If you RSVP on MeetUp, a cancelled ride will push notifications to all enabled communications: email/text/app badges).

If a single ride is cancelled, and you rode the ride immediately prior to the cancelled ride -OR- if you ride the immediately following ride, you can collect a punch for the cancelled ride. If multiple days in a row are cancelled, the criteria for earning the prizes may be reduced. The TdRR Director & Committee, depending on the circumstances, will decide this. Deciding at the time of the event prevents us from having to “what if” ourselves to death in advance.

The committee will create additional rules as situations come up. We can’t think of everything.

No grousing about the rules! If you complain, you will be asked to serve on the committee next year.

Please contact Ken Juengling with any questions: Disgruntled persons will be forwarded directly to Club President John Mullineaux