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July Time Trials

Weather was sunny 85 degrees humid and light wind.

We had the 16 riders participate which is the largest group this year, first timers were Sam Pawlak, Jim Wolgemuth, Mark Wilhelm and Rick Eyer. Eric Kragness with a recumbent bike had fast time at 15:05 followed by Nick DeAngelis and Jim Wolgemuth.  John Reigel, Joe Kelly and Zoran Prelic have been to all three events and posted a faster time each month.

Jersey Standings For July

In the under 55 group it will come down to Nick DeAngelis and Eric Kragness if Eric participates in the August event, considering the 90 sceond time penalty for the recumbent bike their two event average times would be close. The 56 and over group is up for grabs with John Reigel, Joe Kelly, Rich Snively, John Cameron and Martin Valins all having a chance to win with an exceptional time at the August event.

Thanks to everyone for helping and keeping the event safe,

See you August 3rd

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