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Keep On Biking!… But Follow Recommended COVID-19 Guidelines

Biking is wonderful physical exercise and a great way to get some outdoor activity. It may also be the best transportation option for people who are avoiding mass transit during the COVID-19 pandemic.  It is an allowable outdoor activity under Stay at Home rules, but be sure to take steps to remain safe while cycling.

  • It’s safest to ride alone or only with your immediate family members. The Pennsylvania Department of Health says not to host or attend gatherings, so group rides are to be avoided at this time.
  • Social distancing suggests leaving at least 6 feet of space between you and other riders or people you pass along the way. Many experts recommend more spacing is advisable on a moving bike. Remember that this spacing applies when you are on and off the bike, so use social distancing at rest stops and at the start and finish of the ride as well.
  • Ride from home if possible, or minimize the distance you drive to get to a safe place to bike, staying as close to home as possible.
  • Be sure to to use lights, helmets, high visibility and reflective clothing plus other safety equipment. Vehicle traffic on the streets is significantly reduced under the Stay At Home order, but drivers still need to see you in order to avoid injuring you.
  • Remember that the rules of the road still apply. Ride smart! Be seen! Be predictable! Be safe!
  • Be cautious when using bike trails at this time.  They are wonderful places to ride, but some are experiencing record levels of use that will put you in closer contact with more people.  Trailheads may be crowded, and riders report a higher percentage of inexperienced riders than normal.  Try to pick times and places that are less crowded.
  • Because road traffic is very light during the Stay At Home order, now is an excellent time to become a bike commuter!  Find some tips here: 
  • For tips on safe cycling, go to



Adopt a Highway

The Adopt-a-Highway program was started back in 1992 by Harry Campbell [deceased] as a way for our club to give back to Lancaster County. We are expected to clean up Columbia Ave. from Donnerville Rd. to Rohrerstown Rd. 3 times a year. PA DOT supplies us with gloves, reflective vests & trash bags.

 Ice Cream Lovers Ride

As featured in Bicycling Magazines best ride for PA. On this 40-mile route, you can find killer ice cream at Bird-in-Hand Bakery (12 miles), Lapp Valley Farm (23 miles), and Oregon Dairy (36 miles), where scoops are sized calf, heifer, or cow.

Out of Area Rides

Suburban Cyclists Unlimited (SCU) maintains a great list of out of area rides. You can view that list by clicking here.